Celebrities in Fur

A selection of fur and fur trimmed jackets on offer in
Harrods, furs include rabbit, white fox and chinchilla.
Each year millions of pounds are spent by the fur trade glamourising fur coats and accessories whilst masking the real price of fur; millions of animals kept in small cages, facing pain, mutilation and death.

Celebrities' inexhaustible lure over season trends makes them fashion icons for anyone who picks up a magazine. The fashion choices of celebrities make them a guardian to the fashion industry as their style is filtered into high-street shops; Alexa Chung, Kate Moss, Victoria Beckham and many more are continuously setting trends and examples.

Beyonce snuggles up in fur
(Image courtesy of thehollywoodgossip.com)
In 2007, Milan had a fur fest with designers burying the catwalk in fur.  Fendi made a coat from 60 pelts of striped chinchilla and silver fox, with a massive £35,000 price tag. Dolce & Gabbana went all out mimicking the Hollywood heyday allure with dyed mink bomber jackets over leopard print gowns.  Paris that year saw Balenciaga working with every type of animal from mink to chinchilla, sable and fox.

The mass of celebrities wearing fur only helps to promote the industry, which sees 50 million animals die each year for fashion.  This can only derail the work of anti-fur campaigners who rally to spread the truths about fur production. 

CAFT demonstrator "Thompson" explains how celebrities 
impact on public fashion choices: