Harrods Fur Protest

The Harrods Fur Protest on
Saturday14th January 2012
On Saturday mornings anti fur campaigners meet outside Harrods to spread the word about the secrets of the fur trade. More specifically the protest encourages shoppers to boycott the Harrods store which is the last remaining department store in the UK to still stock real fur.

Today the British fur industry is worth over £500 million a year, and globally worth almost £7 billion.  
The fur industry is growing rapidly; in 1985 only 45 designers used fur in their collections, today this has increased to over 400.  Fur, which was once used as a material for keeping us warm, is now associated with glamour and luxury, a far cry from the behind the scenes torture and slaughter of animals.
A silver and grey chinchilla fur scarf
Anti fur campaigners in Britain set up The Coalition to Abolish the Fur Trade (CAFT) in 1997.  They have brought about the ban of fur being produced in the UK and have since lobbied against massive high street shops and department stores.

However, there is no law which prohibits the sale of fur in the UK. Harrods, the largest department store in Europe, has yet to join the anti fur policy and sells a wide variety of furs in both its own range and amongst the other designers in store.  Designers who use fur in their collections include Alexander McQueen, Dior, Louis Vuitton, Paul Smith and Marc Jacobs to name just a few.  Despite the fact fur cannot be produced in the UK, anti fur campaigners are rallying to stop the sale of fur all together.

As a result of the Qatar owned store refusing to give up the sale of fur, CAFT have been demonstrating outside Harrods every weekend for the last five years:

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