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Harrods Fur Protest
As a result of the Qatar owned knightsbridge store refusing to give up the sale of fur, CAFT have been demonstrating outside Harrods every weekend for the last five years:

The Recessions Latest Victim - Peacocks
The fashion chain, Peacocks, went into administration on January 18th: Find out 
what happened:

Celebrities In Fur
The mass of celebrities wearing fur only helps to promote the industry that sees 50 million animals die each year for fashion. This can only derail the work of anti fu campaigners who rally to spread the truths about fur production. CAFT demonstrator 'Thompson' explains celebrities impact on public fashion choices:

The Vintage View
Canterbury's boutique owners; Maxine Dentith, Sophie Greener and Debbie Berwick join fashion journalist Petsa Kaffens for their say on the patterns of vintage trends and their rebound in the vintage market as contemporary fashion.

The Vintage Fur Debate - Glamour without the Guilt?
Debbie Berwick at Revivals sells vintage furs, including squirrel, astrakhan and rabbit.  These furs are all over 30 years old, produced before fur farming had been introduced.  Debbie discusses her opinions and reasons behind selling the controversial fur garments:

The Recessionista
How has the recession affected fashion and the high street? Fashion journalist Petsa 
Kaffens and Armoire Boutique owner Sophie Greener discuss: